Mirath Foundation

The Mirath Foundation contributes to society by providing philanthropic grants to organisations that are unlocking potential in others, maximizing opportunities and contributing to the world that we want to see.

We focus on three key areas of human development.


As a family-oriented organisation, we see the power of education every day. We want to ensure that children all over the world have the opportunity to learn and reach their full potential, which in turn maximises their options in life. Through education, we believe we can begin to level the playing field.

Impact story
We are proud to support the Luminos Fund’s Second Chance programme in Liberia, where 60% of children are out-of-school. The recent Ebola and COVID-19 outbreaks have added further disruption to an education system still suffering the effects of the country’s civil war. With the Luminos Fund and their community of partners, we are actively reducing that number with an accelerated learning initiative that gets out-of-school children back into school and joyfully learning in just 10 months.

Learn more about the Luminos Fund here


We support innovative and empowering healthcare solutions that increase accessibility in hard-to-reach regions, through our investment fund and through our foundation. We believe accessibility is key and that communities everywhere should have the ability to make choices when it comes to their health.

Impact story
We are proud to support Last Mile Health, an organisation that was set up to ensure community-based healthcare is strengthened in the most remote regions of the world, primarily Liberia. Last Mile Health partners with governments to build strong health systems, which guide teams of community and frontline health workers to ensure they are trained, paid, supervised, and supplied. Mirath further supports the ongoing development of the first pediatric cancer centre in Ghana and has joined Partners in Health to provide access to portable X-ray machines that use artificial intelligence (AI) software to diagnose tuberculosis in Sierra Leone. Similarly, on the investment fund side, we have put capital towards for-profit AI platforms that more accurately diagnose health issues such as skin cancer.

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Human liberty

For individuals to reach their full potential, attend school and access quality healthcare, they need to be free. That’s why we invest in anti-slavery initiatives and are committed to partnering with others to help see an end to modern slavery and bondage.

Impact story
We have been proud to support the Freedom Fund’s South Eastern Nepal Hotspot. The work that has been done in this hotspot – an area where modern slavery is highly prevalent – has strived to reduce the proliferation of the sex-trade and assist sex workers to find alternative sources of income. The NGOs that have been funded by this initiative liberate communities and provide education, micro-credit and economic alternatives to families so that they have better opportunities to choose from. In 2020, 10,044 community group members were supported through this work.

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